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The life insurance for your Pi

New version!
  • compatible with Raspberry A+, B+ and 2
  • via adapter with Raspberry A and B
  • Charging function
  • Plug & Play
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The Pi UPS + (Uninterrupted Power Supply) device developed by CW2. guarantees the operation of your single-board computer by using rechargeable batteries. In the event of power failure the Pi UPS + can either shut down your device properly or temporarily continue keeping it running until external power is available again. So there is no risk of data loss and system damage. Running applications on your mini computer are thus permanently protected. The only thing you should look after is the status of your batteries which is possible by using the bundled monitoring software.

To sum up the most important features:

A. Compatibility with single-board computers:

The Pi UPS + is currently available for the following single boards

  • Raspberry Pi A+, B+ and 2
  • Raspberry Pi A and B (via adapter)

Other versions are planned

  • Beaglebone
  • Arduino *
  • Banana Pi *

B. Charging function:

The Pi UPS + comes with a charging feature for rechargeable batteries.

C. Power:

The Pi UPS + is more powerful than its predecessor.

D. Plug & Play:

Currently there exist plans by the official Raspberry Pi Foundation who will implement a feature to load all needed drivers for add-on boards fully automatically. This will be supported by the new Pi UPS + too. ***

*   A solution for these and other connections will be provided at a later time.
** Right after the official announcement about the exact specifications CW2. will start to check the technical realization. There is no guarantee at the moment, however, if this will finally be implemented in the product.

Field of application

In-Car Use

If the Raspberry Pi is used in a car to connect electronic equipment via USB ports, a proper shutdown is guaranteed as soon as the engine is turned off. Whenever the ignition is restarted, the Raspberry Pi will reboot too.


If the Raspberry Pi is connected to a TV, e.g. a XBMC Media Center with Internet access, all currently running applications will be shut down and terminated properly as soon as the TV is turned off. Once the TV is turned on again, the Raspberry Pi restarts too.


The CW2. software package includes, among others, a diagnostics module to control the supplied voltage. A monitoring tool provides information when the external power drops and thus becomes critical. An internal statistic evaluates data on these power supply movements.


The default price for the Pi UPS + is 29.99 € (incl. VAT).
The Pi UPS + itself comes without rechargeable batteries.

You can add a matching Lithium-Ion battery (2200 mAh) for 11.99 € (incl. VAT).

For just 4.99 € (incl. VAT) you can order an adapter for the older Raspberry Pi A / B.

Accepted payment methods:

  • Wire Transfer

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How do I connect the Pi UPS + ?

The supply of power for the device is connected to a Micro-USB port on the Pi UPS +. The data communication is handled by the GPIO port.

How does the Pi UPS + communicate its operating status?

The Pi UPS + communicates its operating status directly to the operating system via its integrated I²C bus (pin 3 and 5). Thus all other ports are still available to use. Because of this it's possible to use other devices and sensors with the I²C bus.

How can the I²C bus be used?

The Raspberry Pi uses pins 3 and 5 for the I²C bus. But the Pi UPS + itself uses the following addresses: 0x30 for the boot loader which is in action the first 2 to 3 seconds after switching on the device. Or thanks to a firmware update it uses 0x18 for communication between the UPS and the Pi.

Can I react to the signal when voltage has dropped or battery voltage is low?

Yes. The Pi UPS + software package contains a tool that can be installed on the Raspberry Pi reading the operating status of the Pi UPS + via the GPIO port.

How do I recognize the Pi UPS's operation status without using the GPIO port?

The Pi UPS + has four LEDs to indicate its operation mode:

  • Green: An external power supply is provided.
  • Flashing green: The Pi UPS + is operating properly.
  • Yellow: The battery is getting charged (LED flashing), the battery is fully charged (permanent light).
  • Red: The Pi is getting supplied via battery.

Which type of battery must be used for the Pi UPS + ?

You can use lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries which output a voltage of + 3.7 volts. They must be made as one single cell, have a charging voltage of + 4.2V and a minimum discharge current of 3.000mA.

What happens in case of a power failure?

The software installed on the Pi will detect the status of the UPS and shut down the system safely. The user can determine when the command for shutting will be is sent. After the system has been shut down, the UPS switches off the Pi and itself so that the battery wouldn't be charged any further. Once power returns, the UPS will automatically restart the Pi.

Does the Pi UPS + offer a power switch?

The Pi UPS + provides a switch for manually turning on the system and also shutting down smoothly. This switch can optionally be enabled or disabled.

Can I return the Pi UPS +?

Yes, like any other consumer product the Pi UPS + can be returned within 14 days without reasons.

What countries is the UPS being shipped to?

The UPS is Shipped to all of Europe (including the UK and Switzerland) and to all states of the US.

Why is the english on this site so crappy and why does the guy in the video speak with an accent?

Well, - we tried our best to hide our Sauerkraut accent - but you guessed correctly. Achtung! This product is engineered, built, quality checked and packaged in Germany. Despite that you will find no Bratwurst in your package - nothing but fine semi conductors and great support in the english language - don't hesitate to contact us in the case of any questions under: sales@cw2group.com